About ALN

The Arkansas Learning Network (ALN) was created to help every Arkansan earn a high school diploma and receive valuable job training skills. If you are at least 18 years of age and need to complete high school classes to earn credits toward your diploma or gain job skills to advance your life and career, you’ve come to the right place!

ALN online programs are self-paced so you can work on your schedule.  The enrollment process is easy and the coursework is designed to help you achieve your goals.

The ALN program is free to eligible adults.  Call us at 501-912-9469 to see if you qualify!

Your Future
Begins With These
Simple Steps!

Step 1: Contact ALN: Get in touch with us through our online form, email, or phone. Contact Us Now!

Step 2: Enroll: Complete and submit the Enrollment Form.

Step 3: Pay Enrollment Fee: Pay your $25 non-refundable enrollment fee.

Step 4: Submit Transcripts: Your transcripts will be analyzed by an ALN Counselor, free of charge.

Step 5: Select your diploma or job training classes with a Counselor and start your classes!

You Are Never Alone!

We Provide Support While You Are Enrolled

and After Graduation!

Success is in your future from the moment you enroll in our program. You will be supported every step along the way.

When you enroll, your Counselor will immediately analyze your transcript and help you complete a Job Interest Survey to find out what classes are best for you.

Before you begin your first class, you will be matched with your own Teacher-Mentor. Each week, you will meet online or in person for individual coaching and help with your classes. Your Teacher-Mentor will give you a questionnaire to find out your reading level and what you can do to improve.

Our CultureTalk Advisor will help you complete an individual survey to learn about behaviors that will help you succeed in school and at work.

When you are ready to find a job, our Job Development Specialist will assist you in your search.

After you graduate, a member of our staff will provide regular follow-up and offer additional assistance to help you with career goals.

You Are Unique!

Create YOUR Personal Success Plan
with Experienced Instructors!

Everyone’s situation is different. The reasons you have come to ALN reflect your personal story. That’s why we use all of our resources and expertise to design a customized Personal Success Plan that meets YOUR specific needs. Our experienced, Arkansas-licensed teachers will help you every week with class work.

Check out the ALN Team.

ALN offers the accredited online Edgenuity curriculum with the diploma classes you need for graduation.

Check out the Course Catalog.

ALN also has a wide variety of online elective career and job training courses that may count for graduation credit. What skills do YOU need to learn to improve YOUR qualifications?

Check out your choices.

Plus – you may be able to earn credits for current work experience!

Talk with your Counselor.

Resources For You!

Our Strong Network Provides Connections You Need to Succeed!

Our name says it all – Arkansas Learning NETWORK. As the founders of ALN, we recognize the power of connection and collaboration. We have a diverse network of job trainers, businesses and professionals who provide our participants with the best and broadest opportunities available. Our membership in Chambers of Commerce affords us extensive networking events. As a non-profit organization, ALN is able to participate in a variety of valuable options, such as facilitating your college enrollment.

  • We have joined with a network of business partners to offer our participants “job shadow” opportunities and potential employment.
  • We have affiliated with established job training programs to expand our course offerings and career options.
  • We have partnered with the Division of Workforce Services in the Arkansas Department of Human Services to provide state-wide job information.

Together, we are building and improving community, confidence, and commerce.