If You Have Questions – We Have Answers

How many credits do I need to graduate?

You need 22 credits to earn a high school diploma from ALN – that’s a minimum of 16 credits of required classes and up to 6 credits of electives/job training classes.

What is the cost of the ALN program?

The cost for ALN participants depends on how many credits are needed to complete your diploma requirements.  With your first credit, whether it’s academic, elective, or for job training skills, you will earn an additional 3 half-credits for courses in literacy, career exploration and personal behavior & resiliency.  Some outside/offsite classes may have additional fees.  You may be eligibile for tuition assistance.  Please contact us to discuss your personal situation.

Can I receive credit for GED tests?

ALN participants may be able to receive 1 credit for each GED test they’ve passed prior to enrolling in ALN (documentation required).

Does Work Experience count toward credits?

ALN participants may be able to earn credit for Work Experience if working at a job while enrolled at ALN: 18 weeks = .5 credits (documentation such as work log, paycheck stubs showing FICA required).

Does community service count toward credits?

ALN participants may be able to receive credits for Community Service: 70 hrs. = 1 credit (documentation required).

If you have more questions, please contact us by email or phone if you are ready to enroll.