History of ALN

ALN offers an online platform for adults to take academic and job training classes to earn cedits for a High School Diploma. The Arkansas Learning Network was incorporated in Arkansas in August 2021 as a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization.  The ALN was established in response to a need to educate and train Arkansas’ young adults – an estimated 300,000 of whom do not have a High School Diploma.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is for all individuals to have a High School Diploma and be employed as economically viable participants in our society. Our mission is to engage proven practices in digital learning to achieve that vision. Our foundational belief is that an educated, employable populace is a requisite for maintaining the principles of democracy in our state and the nation as a whole.


The ALN program provides online academic and elective classes, along with job training courses, that yield credits toward a High School Diploma. We focus on reading proficiency, job readiness, and development of sound character to foster success on the job, at post-secondary institutions, in military service, and in our communities. A critical component of our enrollment process is a series of surveys designed to assess each individual’s career interests, literacy level, and personal growth characteristics. The individual’s success is further assured because of weekly teacher contact, one-on-one mentoring, job search assistance, and access to post-graduation resources.


We have assembled a team of highly experienced individuals with backgrounds in education, business, human resources, and military service. These professionals serve our clients in administrative, instructional, and support capacities to help ensure their success. In addition, we continue to develop strong partnerships with the corporate sector, elected officials, government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to enhance ALN program delivery for Arkansans.