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Rachelle’s ALN Graduation Experience   December 15, 2023

“ I, Vitil’reus Ra’chelle Pierce, enjoyed school growing up, even though there were challenges along the way. Being part of a big family, under the guidance of my grandmother and mother, taught me the value of perseverance and hard work. I have worked most of my life as a cashier/ manager. I have always been very independent. My grandmother, a woman of profound wisdom and strength, always said, ‘Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.’ And she was right. As I stand here today, graduating, I feel that freedom, the freedom to dream, to aspire, and to achieve.

Attending ALN was a significant part of this journey. The experiences and opportunities provided by this remarkable school have been transformative. The faculty at ALN did more than teach; they inspired and challenged us to think bigger and strive higher. It was at ALN where I truly discovered my potential and passion for learning.

Throughout my childhood, and some of my adult years, there were moments of doubt and times when giving up seemed the easier path. But then, I would remember my mother’s words, ‘Your potential is limitless, and you can do whatever you put your mind to. Her unwavering belief in me became my driving force. Mom, your presence here today means everything to me. I also want to speak about my father. Our relationship, which developed more deeply later in life, taught me the importance of patience, understanding, and the power of second chances. Dad, though you’re not here today, I feel your presence. I wish you could see this moment. Your little girl made it, and I hope you’re proud.

This journey wasn’t just about academic success; it was about personal growth. At ALN, I learned about empathy, teamwork, and leadership. These aren’t just career skills; they are life skills. Thank you all for this major opportunity.

Thank you, again and congratulations to the class of 2023

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Meet ALN’s First Graduate of 2023!

Iva Jean Moreno grew up in the small town of Vilonia, Arkansas.  She has five beautiful children and is married to her high school sweetheart. Education is important in Iva’s household and she chose to enroll in the ALN program to set an example for her children.  Iva says growing up was hard because her Dad was frequently away, but her older brother raised her without hesitation, making sure she was always cared for and attending school.  Family means a lot to Iva and she wants her children to understand that no dream is too big or too small. Iva has a job working from home and plans to further her education in medical coding/billing, and possibly continue in medical terminology. With a high school diploma and new job skills, Iva’s career path is clear and her future is bright!

When asked why she chose ALN, Iva said  “You guys aren’t just anyone – it’s more like a family and I’ll forever be thankful for all of you!!”

We at ALN congratulate Iva for her accomplishments and wish her well in her future ventures!  She is indeed an example for us all!

Iva Moreno was presented with her High School Diploma at the Sebastian County 100 families alliance meeting held on Friday December 8 in Ft Smith Ar. 

Diploma Today – Career Tomorrow

ALN at Youth Challenge Career Day – November 30, 2023

About 60 Youth Challenge cadets participated in the Career Day at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock. The Cadets of Class 61 heard presentations from a number of businesses and organizations about employment opportunities after graduation from the Youth Challenge Program.

Michael O’Leary, Executive Director of the Arkansas Learning Network Inc., discussed the ALN online High School Diploma, Job Training Courses, and Literacy Program with numerous Cadets during the event.

Diploma Today – Career Tomorrow

ALN Student Spotlight Arkansan of the Day – November 15, 2023



Arkansas Learning Network staff journeyed to Springdale for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Family Day.  ALN Advisory Council Member Edmond Davis, Teacher-Mentors Monica Davis and Sara Daugherty, and Executive Director Michael O’Leary staffed a booth at the Jones Center for this Family Day event.   Over 5000 people attended and our team talked with numerous families interested in local resources as well as the ALN online High School Diploma and Job Training program.

Diploma Today – Career Tomorrow

ALN in CONWAY  – September 30, 2023

Michael O’Leary, Executive Director, and Teacher-Mentor Sara Daugherty from the Arkansas Learning Network traveled to Conway on September 30th for a wonderful Family Day sponsored by the Arkansas Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).  An estimated 5,000 people participated in the event held on the University of Central Arkansas campus.  The ALN staff had a great time meeting students and families under our new tent!  There were lots of activities for children, adults, and members of the business community.  Our ALN team gave out brochures and signed up people interested in the ALN High School Diploma and Job Training program.

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The ALN team traveled to Fort Smith for the Celebration for Community Connections Wellness Fair on Saturday, September 16th, 2023.  The community-wide event was sponsored by the Fort Smith Public School’s School-Based Health Center.   ALN Executive Director, Michael O’Leary, and Teacher-Mentor Sara Daugherty had a great day talking with dozens of students and families about the ALN online High School Diploma and Job Training program.  Families had opportunities to connect with areas businesses regarding employment and to learn about local resources.

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ALN at the Arkansas School Counselor Association Annual Conference – June 26, 2023

ALN offers an online high school diploma program for adults.  Executive Director Michael J. O’Leary and Teacher-Mentor Sara Daugherty attended the Arkansas School Counselor Association’s Annual Conference on June 26th in Hot Springs. https://www.arschoolcounselor.org/annual-conference/#  Hundreds of counselors from around the state were treated to excellent speakers and updated information on counseling practices and relevant programs. In addition, vendors displayed new services and unique products beneficial to students at all grade levels.  It was a great event!

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Arkansas Learning Network at 100 Families Meeting – June 16, 2023


Michael O’Leary, Executive Director of the Arkansas Learning Network, represented ALN at the monthly meeting of the Crawford County 100 Families Alliance group in Van Buren.

Case Managers and other staff from numerous social service agencies participated in the meeting to hear about programs for families in the Crawford County region.

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Arkansas Learning Network at City Connections in Little Rock – June 8th, 2023

ALN’s Executive Director, Michael O’Leary, and Teacher-Mentors Leslie Krebs, Tina Brown, Joan Holbert, Monica Davis and Sara Daugherty attended the June 8, 2023, City Connections monthly lunch meeting hosted by Anthony Hampton, Executive Director of City Connections.  At that meeting, Mr. O’Leary gave a presentation on ALN’s mission and services to the group of distinguished non-profit leaders and guests.  ALN has a great on-line high school diploma and job training program for adults age 18+.  If you’d like to earn your diploma and get some job skills, contact us to get started NOW.  Call  (501) 912-9469 or email Info@arkansaslearningnetwork.org.   

Diploma Today – Career Tomorrow