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ALN Academic Course Catalog

ALN Academic Courses

English Language Arts

The ELA courses are designed to introduce a wide range of literary genres, while strengthening the student’s critical thinking and communication skills. The Literacy and Comprehension intervention courses are aimed at increasing fluency and vocabulary. Oral Communications will expose the student to a variety of public speaking and communication, as well as teach listening and analytical skills.

ELA209 English Language Arts 9th grade
ELA210 English Language Arts 10th grade
ELA211 English Language Arts 11th grade
ELA212 English Language Arts 12th grade
ELA201 Literacy and Comprehension 1
ELA202 Literacy and Comprehension 2
ELA203 Oral Communications


The mathematics courses are designed and aligned to build upon the skills acquired in the previous courses. Students will gain not only critical thinking and problem solving skills, but also employ real world application within each course.

MA300 Bridge to Algebra
MA301 Algebra 1
MA302 Algebra 2
MA303 Algebra 3
MA304 Geometry
MA305 Algebra 1A & 1B
MA307 Alegebra 1A
MA309 Alegebra 1B
MA311 Math One
MA312 Math Two
MA313 Math Three
MA315 Financial Math
MA317 Advanced Topics and Modeling in Mathematics
MA319 Math Models with Applications


The science courses include instruction in four different fields of science, without the lab component. Successful completion requires mastery of the subject matter, as well as real world application through assignments and hypotheses.

SC400 Biology-Integrated
SC410 Physical Science
SC411 Earth Science
SC412 Environmental Science

Social Studies

The social studies courses include content and information on human behavior, relationships, resources, and institutions. This may include geography, religion, sociology, political science, history, law, and philosophy.

SS500 US History since 1890
SS510 World History since 1450
SS515 Government
SS520 Civics
SS525 Economics
SS530 World Geography
SS535 Civics & Citizenship
SS537 Sociology
SS539 Psychology


General Electives

The elective credits cover basics in computer use and application, with hands on learning opportunities, as well as comprehensive instruction to assist students in making good decisions concerning health and finances.

ALN GE 1000 Personal Growth & Development (.5 credits)
ALN GE 1050 Work Experience
GE1020 Introduction to Computer Science
GE1025 Computer Applications
GE1030 Contemporary Health (.5 credits)
GE1035 Healthy Living (.5 credits)
GE1040 Lifetime Fitness (.5 credits)
GE1045 Personal Finance
GE 1055 LIteracy Development

Career Readiness

Career Readiness courses are designed to expose students to various career fields, while improving workforce skills required in all areas. These include communication, leadership, teamwork, decision making, problem solving, goal setting and time management.

CR1010 Career Exploration 1
CR1015 Career Exploration 2
CR1020 Career Exploration 3
CR1025 Career Management
CR1030 Career Planning and Development