Our Team

Leslie Kendall

Assistant Director

Leslie Kendall has been a public and private high school administrator for several decades. She is a certificated teacher for grades 7 – 14 in California where she taught foreign languages and ESL. Leslie served 20 years as a school-community safety trainer in violence reduction, emergency preparedness, and crisis response. Since 1990, her consulting company has provided strategic planning, leadership training, and culture assessments to businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Ms. Kendall has a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She holds Master’s Degrees in Secondary Education from the University of California, Berkeley, and in Criminal Justice Administration from California State University, Sacramento. Leslie is trained in Total Quality Management principles and Covey’s Leadership Principles and 7 Habits programs.

Leslie is active in the Chamber of Commerce and professional organizations where she encourages collaborative development and volunteerism.